Project Management and Strategic Communication

If you are looking for a project manager or support in processes regarding Communication, Marketing, Social Media, Events, Product Launches, Prototypes, or Strategy for your business, then you are on the right website.

Project Management

You have a project coming up and want to make sure that it will be a success? If so, I will coordinate the whole project, provide high standards of management to realize business benefits and deliver results within the set frame of time, cost, and quality.



Provide the following:

a detailed structured project plan, SMART define goals, environmental analysis, stakeholder analysis with a communication strategy, and   risk management.   


Oversee the project, communicate and meet with    key stakeholders and provide customize reporting solutions     to the CEO.

Monitoring and Control

Manage and coordinate the reporting and analyzation of KPIs, budget and resources

with the objective of

improving ROI constantly.

Strategic Communication

I design and execute communication strategies for commercial and governmental clients managing regulatory and reputational challenges working with consultants located in key markets around the world. My real-world life experiences and multi-lingual abilities enable my clients to seize opportunities, manage crises, articulate brand, and improve their competitive position. Using in-depth market analysis, I help clients clarify and ensure that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.


Strategy Consulting & Research

Experienced in in-depth market research and stakeholder analyses to help clients solve complex business and communication problems.

Corporate Social Reputation

Protecting and enhancing reputations; building an organization’s profile as a leader; and supporting business outcomes that contribute to an organization’s enterprise value.

Public Advocacy

Integrating traditional, digital and modern marketing techniques to help shape policy, amplify client messages, and promote a unified narrative to policymakers, international organizations, opinion leaders, NGO´s, and other key stakeholders.